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These Are Highly Credible Resources I Found for Safe Home Canning & Food Preservation

As a reminder, this series of shows is based entirely on information and expertise provided by the USDA, the National Center for Food Preservation, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Ball Blue Book of Preserving - See more at:

The National Center for Home Food Preservation - Includes Complete Guide to Home Canning, 2009 revision

University of Alaska Fairbanks Extension Service - Takes you to a phenomenal series of web-based learning modules.  Very well done!

Blue Book Guide to Preserving (this is an affiliate link that will take you to

United States Department of Agriculture - Learn more about USDA's work in Food Safety

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention - Great information on food poisoning. - Nutrition information focused on safe food preservation & storage.

Canning & Freezing Tomatoes -  4-page summary from Iowa State Extension & Outreach. Nicely written, easy to follow.

Here are some of the products and resources that I've found helpful or worthwhile.  Thank you so much for supporting my affiliates! 

Whether your plan is to put up enough food to feed a family for a year, or perhaps you envision something more modest like making your very first jar of strawberry jam, many of these products and services are likely to be of use to you.  There are some additional ones I've added as I think they nicely reflect that idea of celebrating and sharing that we so enjoy in this community.. 

As a reminder, most of the links below are what's known as affilate links.  That means I will earn a commission if you decide to purchase one of the products or services listed here – at no additional cost or obligation to you.  This helps to pay for this site and I sincerely appreciate it when you do so.   

Amazon has all of the basics you need and then some. I put my personal comments with each product to help guide you.  I suggest you buy your equipment from Amazon, including your jars if you need just a few cases.  However, if you need tons of jars you should get them from the Jar Store (link below) as they have better prices and variety.

My Personal Recommendations for Tools, Equipment & Supplies from Amazon



A great resource for buying jars & lids in bulk - Jar Store:  You can literally buy a truckload of canning jars from these folks if you want!  I really like some of the cool jars they have for home canning that you don't often see.  This is important:  I spoke to the company and they said you MUST make sure the description on the jars says, "Takes All Mason Canning Lids" if you want to use them for safe home canning.  


Other Products or Services I Use and Recommend With Confidence

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